Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome Spring!

Things have been quiet over in the studio for the past week and a half. I scheduled some much needed time off to spend with my family to welcome in spring. We've recently bought a traveling trailer and are so head-over-heels with camping. We've learned in the last month, this is THE best time to go camping. We are solo in the parks and can do what ever we'd like! We've been able to check out sleepy towns before the crazy rush, fall in love with staff because they have the time to help us and learn to spend time together. My hubby has almost taken this entire trailer apart and put it back together again. He amazes me. Here's a couple of shots from our first night in….

I'm waiting for our littlest to wake up from a nap and the big kids to come back from a bike ride.
We are having an incredible time and I will be back up and running this weekend! Enjoy the springtime while you can…summer will be here before you know it! 

~Jennifer Angel
Angel Photography Studio