Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome Spring!

Things have been quiet over in the studio for the past week and a half. I scheduled some much needed time off to spend with my family to welcome in spring. We've recently bought a traveling trailer and are so head-over-heels with camping. We've learned in the last month, this is THE best time to go camping. We are solo in the parks and can do what ever we'd like! We've been able to check out sleepy towns before the crazy rush, fall in love with staff because they have the time to help us and learn to spend time together. My hubby has almost taken this entire trailer apart and put it back together again. He amazes me. Here's a couple of shots from our first night in….

I'm waiting for our littlest to wake up from a nap and the big kids to come back from a bike ride.
We are having an incredible time and I will be back up and running this weekend! Enjoy the springtime while you can…summer will be here before you know it! 

~Jennifer Angel
Angel Photography Studio

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kallie Marie {Newborn}

Meet Kallie Marie

Sweet baby girl Kallie came into the studio today. She's a little over 3 weeks old and has hair for days! Momma said she believes it's from all that awful heartburn she had during her pregnancy. Lil Miss Kallie was accompanied by her Momma, Grammy and big sister Briahna (who is a hoot). Kallie was a sweet girl that smelled brand new and loved to snuggle her mama. Grammy got some snuggles in during our session too! 
Photographing newborns has been one of the most rewarding types of sessions I have done thus far. Newborns are completely unpredictable. Out of the 5 that I have done thus far, only 2 have slept through the entire session. Kallie was on the side of the majority. She was awake most of the time, which allowed us to get some photos that show her beautiful eyes and a hint of what her personality will be.

 When I'm doing a session - newborn, family, lovebirds, anything…I like to mix posed with lifestyle shots. My ultimate favorite portraits are of people being real. Seeing real emotion, happiness and love. The good thing about newborns is that they don't pose. They don't have a "fake" smile and if you do happen to catch one - it's either the angels whispering a joke in their ear or gas. Here are some of the amazing photos I was able to catch during our 2 hour session. Yes, I said 2 hours…it's the norm and Momma and Grammy were totally understanding and didn't rush us at all. Even Brianha (who makes her own cameo here) was a trooper…I do however, have lots in the studio that kept her busy.

Welcome to the world Kallie Marie. You've got many great things ahead of you! Blessings to you and your family!

If you've liked Kallie's sneak peak and would like to see our other work please visit our website: www.angelphotographystudio.com or "like" our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jenniferangelphotography
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Jennifer Angel

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bang, Bang…goes 2015!

Bang, Bang…..
Last year ended with an amazing holiday season! It was full of seeing our beloved frequent APS fliers, meeting new clients, shooting our first incredible wedding, my first newborn, getting new equipment and my husband finally started publishing some of his amazing work. To say we are looking forward to the amazing things that will happen this year is an understatement. Here are some of the images from our last few weeks of 2014
Congratulations Doug and Angie! 
 I LOVE this!

 Little Miss Peyton….
 This sweet girl HATES headbands and most of her session was done with her mama wrapped in fur while she held her…can't tell can ya?!
 My sweet Sophia…girl - your a spitting image of your mama!

 This was from my last family holiday session…we had a blast!
 My good friend Erica and her love….by far easiest clients to pose!

Downtown Plymouth for a small family session!

Going into the new year, I knew there would be some "downtime" due to the cold weather, most family portraits were taken during the holidays and people just spent all their money on Christmas. In my head, I thought - if I manage to shoot 4 sessions a month until the Spring when we finally get to enjoy the sunshine again then I'll be happy. Well, I got more then what I asked for! Thank goodness! 2015 has started off with a BANG! I have a newborn session this weekend, 2 weddings to bookings for later this year, a couple of birthday sessions, Valentine minis and these Boudoir Glam session. Ah, the boudoir glam sessions….that have completely BLOWN my socks off. I went from having one bride wanting to gift her soon-to-be-husband with a classy and sexy photo album to having 10 AMAZING women sign up. I am in awe of them. You don't know this but I have a certain obsession with boudoir. The outfits, posing, flawless hair and make-up….what's not to love? I've been studying boudoir in-depth for the past 5 months. I've had hours and hours of seminars that touch on every aspect of a boudoir session. I've taken all the knowledge and transformed it into this amazingly priced, 2-day boudoir session. I'm so excited for these sessions!

Our Valentine mini sessions will run the last weekend of January (Jan 31st & Feb 1st) and the first weekend of February (7th & 8th). We wanted to be able to meet different price points so our packages for this mini will be $40 and $60. You get the same amount of time with each session, however, there are more prints and more digital files in the $60 package. These sessions will include 2 different settings with a full arrangement of props for your little (or big) ones to handle.

From here on out, our client's sneak peak will be posted here on our blog within 24 hours of their sessions. We've loved using the online gallery as a way for you to view your full gallery from the comfort of your own home, so that will not be changing. We will have specials for the month of February for weddings (that's our anniversary month!), and special February through March if you book your senior portraits with us.Then the warm weather will be upon us and we'll get to shoot outside again!

If you'd like to book a session with us or just have some questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

See ya behind the lens…


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Valentine Minis!

Good day APS clients! We will be holding Valentine Minis on 2 weekends for a limited time. The price is great..and the settings are AMAZING! Call to book today!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Onward and Upward 2015!

Happy New Year to all our clients! I trust that everyone had a safe and fun time ringing in the New Year. This new year brings many exciting changes and happenings around the studio. This business adventure has created some really amazing things to happen in our personal and professional lives.

If you are unaware, our studio is in our home. It takes up half of our basement. We tried to maximize our space as much as possible and I think we have done an outstanding job. We had a very successful holiday season shooting over 40 families. We can't thank our clients enough for believing in us. We have seen some of you 3 or 4 times since our opening in August. That kind of support really makes it easy to put our entire effort into making this business the biggest success it can be. We just ordered a new set of 3 strobe lights. They will be in this coming week and I'm so excited to test them out!

Our print ordering process will change a bit. We will be placing orders every Friday. The orders should arrive the following Wednesday or Thursday. You will have 2 weeks after your gallery is online to pick and choose which prints/images you'd like. We have negotiated with our lab in order to not have to raise our prices on our prints. This is the cause for the slower delivery time, however, making sure our product stays affordable is important to us.

I received an amazing gift for Christmas. My husband purchased a brand spanking new Canon 5D mark iii for me as well as a couple of different lenses. Now - if your not into photography or camera stats…this camera costs well into the thousands and has improved my shooting so much that I almost cried the first time I shot with it. I've seriously dreamed about this camera for over a year! Now it's mine and I LOVE IT!

We of course will be having lots of mini sessions this year. First up are Hot Cocoa, Valentine, and Engagement minis! Mini sessions will be geared towards certain holidays or seasons. If they are geared towards a certain holiday they will be offered on select days and times only. Seasonal minis will run through a number of weeks and available anytime during those weeks.

We do have the studio open, however, we will travel to a certain location or even come to your home for a session. I did a Christmas session in a clients home and the images turned out beautifully. Some people feel most comfortable at home and wherever - we need to be to get those amazing shots, we're willing to go!

Sneak peaks will be up for viewing within 24 hours of your session and full galleries will be online 7-10 days from your session. Special events will have full galleries up within 3 weeks from the event date.

We will be woking on getting our awesome APS logo trademarked and get the legalized business crap aspects down.

Most exciting change is the fact that my husband Miguel will be joining me in this amazing, fun adventure behind the camera. His shooting style is a little different then mine. He has this amazing ability to think outside the box and visualize amazing shots while things are in motion. His ability to be a stealth ninja while capturing amazing candids blows my mind. He will be working solely with high school seniors, engaged lovebirds, and weddings.

My goals for 2015 behind the camera involve capturing lots of APS new and frequent flyers. I would like to set up some stylized shots with children of all ages, engaged lovebirds, and newborns. I am testing out the waters of a boudoir session this month and I'm hoping to add that to our list of sessions we offer.

I'm most excited about the weddings that I will be capturing this year. We've got 2 couples that have shown interest in our photography and plan on booking. I can't tell you how excited and proud this makes me. When I first started out in August I told Miguel that I didn't see myself doing weddings. I didn't think I could handle the stress and I was worried about not getting the right shots. As the weeks went by and I became one with my camera and developed a shooting style there was NO doubt in my mind that I could successfully photograph a wedding. With the knowledge that I have obtained in such a small amount of time my affection for my camera and my clients grows with each shutter click.

So onward and upward 2015! Let's make this the best year yet and hard to top in 2016….I wish you many blessings throughout this year and hope to receive your continued support through this crazy, awesome career I've started!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Gornall Family

Meet Bob and Yvonne's Family!

Meet 14 of the nicest people ever! I've never ever had a photo session with so many people without one of them complaining. Well, this blended family was amazing to work with. Bob has three children and Yvonne has three children. Some of those children are married and have more children. Then, there's Winnie. Oh, Winnie - my scared little pup! She was so nervous but was so incredibly well behaved. (She got a little camera shy in the picture above.)
Yvonne was on a mission to get a good family portrait. Her daughter, son-in-law & Winnie are only in town for one night a year. We met at her beautiful church (Twin Oaks) and got some great photos of her family. Seriously, everyone was patient and kind. No one huffed or puffed or rolled their eyes. Ya'll are raising them right!

I forgot to mention one thing. Oh, all the men in this family are incredibly tall. Note the picture above. I felt like a shrimp! To see the rest of their gallery please visit here!

Chad, Stephanie & Jaszy

Meet Chad, Stephanie & Jaszy

This is my second session with this family of three (now four). Gunnar is the newest edition since this summer. He's a cutie and was much more interested in my dogs then a photo shoot. The pictures we did get of him were spectacular. 
I've known Stephanie since she was a baby. Jaszlynn came along and boy oh boy does that little girl rock her mama's world! Stephanie and Chad started dating a year ago (actually to the date of the session!) and they've found their happily ever after. I admire a single mom that works hard for her baby. I admire even more, a man who steps up and fills the role of daddy. These three (4 counting Gunnar) are going to have a great life!

Here's some of the shots I got!

Not only are they super in love, but they are seriously the goofiest pair I've seen in a long time. I'm glad I got to take their Christmas pictures! Please visit their gallery to see the rest of the pictures we got!