Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Gornall Family

Meet Bob and Yvonne's Family!

Meet 14 of the nicest people ever! I've never ever had a photo session with so many people without one of them complaining. Well, this blended family was amazing to work with. Bob has three children and Yvonne has three children. Some of those children are married and have more children. Then, there's Winnie. Oh, Winnie - my scared little pup! She was so nervous but was so incredibly well behaved. (She got a little camera shy in the picture above.)
Yvonne was on a mission to get a good family portrait. Her daughter, son-in-law & Winnie are only in town for one night a year. We met at her beautiful church (Twin Oaks) and got some great photos of her family. Seriously, everyone was patient and kind. No one huffed or puffed or rolled their eyes. Ya'll are raising them right!

I forgot to mention one thing. Oh, all the men in this family are incredibly tall. Note the picture above. I felt like a shrimp! To see the rest of their gallery please visit here!

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