Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kallie Marie {Newborn}

Meet Kallie Marie

Sweet baby girl Kallie came into the studio today. She's a little over 3 weeks old and has hair for days! Momma said she believes it's from all that awful heartburn she had during her pregnancy. Lil Miss Kallie was accompanied by her Momma, Grammy and big sister Briahna (who is a hoot). Kallie was a sweet girl that smelled brand new and loved to snuggle her mama. Grammy got some snuggles in during our session too! 
Photographing newborns has been one of the most rewarding types of sessions I have done thus far. Newborns are completely unpredictable. Out of the 5 that I have done thus far, only 2 have slept through the entire session. Kallie was on the side of the majority. She was awake most of the time, which allowed us to get some photos that show her beautiful eyes and a hint of what her personality will be.

 When I'm doing a session - newborn, family, lovebirds, anything…I like to mix posed with lifestyle shots. My ultimate favorite portraits are of people being real. Seeing real emotion, happiness and love. The good thing about newborns is that they don't pose. They don't have a "fake" smile and if you do happen to catch one - it's either the angels whispering a joke in their ear or gas. Here are some of the amazing photos I was able to catch during our 2 hour session. Yes, I said 2 hours…it's the norm and Momma and Grammy were totally understanding and didn't rush us at all. Even Brianha (who makes her own cameo here) was a trooper…I do however, have lots in the studio that kept her busy.

Welcome to the world Kallie Marie. You've got many great things ahead of you! Blessings to you and your family!

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