Sunday, November 9, 2014

Camilleri Family

Meet the Camilleri Family

This gorgeous family of four braved the cool temps and wind for their family session. They picked a great location and even brought their dogs out! It's funny when you book a session. I usually book with the mom or wife. Then if I haven't seen their husband I'm left to dreaming about poses and what we can accomplish in our session. Little did I know that Todd (dad) should have been drafted for the NBA. Jen and his girls fit in his arms just perfectly! 
See what I mean?! Jen fits perfectly in his arms! Swoon!

Did I mention their girls are beautiful?! Talking about giving Mom and Dad some heartburn and sleepless nights in a few years!

This session was relaxed and even though the girls were freezing everyone was in good spirits. Maybe, it had to do with me suggesting mom and dad provide them hot chocolate afterwards? I'm so glad I got to meet them and capture these moments for them! Please continue to my Facebook page to see their entire sneak peak! 

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