Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Learning the ropes

In every job you learn something every day. Sometimes those bits of knowledge aren't life changing, but sometimes they can change things drastically. At the beginning of this journey I did lots of research on the 'triangle of light', the actual functioning of my camera, and the best times to shoot outside. Then we discussed opening a studio and I started researching lighting for a studio. I've learned a lot about light. Tons. However, I've always been afraid of direct sunlight. Each time I've been outside shooting I run for the shade. Anywhere there was shade, I felt safe. I was watching a YouTube video the other night (if there was a degree from YouTube, I  would have one by now.) about shooting in direct sunlight. It was only about 6 minutes long. The well-seasoned photographer explained that as long as you put your subject between you and the sun that you would get stunning photos. I didn't believe him. No way could it be that easy! But, guess what? It is. 

It's a sunny, warm day today. The nicest day that I've seen in November thus far. (Where was this weather two days ago for my outdoor shoot Mother Nature? You wench.) I took my second minion outside to test this theory. Here's our results….

Are you kidding me?! I've been scared of something for the last 5 months that produces images like this?! In the short 4 minutes that I had minion #2's attention (that's long for her) I was able to play around with at which height I snapped these beauties. I has on the same level as her for the image above and below. Seriously…I'm so excited to have this knowledge!!

Yes - I know she's in her plays in the afternoon. Who cares…and yes it was warm enough for her to be outside in the sunshine for 5 minutes. 

Then I got a little crazy and lowered myself to my elbows. I kept seeing this halo of sun out of the corner of my eye when I was snapping away. This is the results of being on a different plane then my minion.

Seriously stunning!

They make filters that do this same exact thing…I know - I've bought them. They are in my editing arsenal of things I work with in Lightroom 5. It just amazes me the kind of work you can produce with just the sun and your lens. I only had her for about 4 minutes so I wasn't able to change up my ISO, aperture, or shutter speed - so all of these were taken at ISO 100, APV 4.0, and SS - 1/200 - I would have loved to have played around with the settings but minions will only sit for so long. If your a new photographer and finding this as life changing as me, awesome! I'm happy to have helped with your craft development. I'm working on developing this craft I call a job, everyday.

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