Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Colbecks

Meet The Colbecks

Justin, Brittany and Brinley! Oh- the love they have for this little jelly bean is amazing. Luckily…loving your baby beyond belief photographs beyond well! I've been trying to coax Brinley's mom into the studio since she's been born. I finally got her here! In my studio. In my lens. And oh, the amazing things she did….Here's a peak at our time together

Brinley brought out this glow in Brittany that I only usually see in pregnant women. I can't believe she looks so well rested after all the night feedings she's been doing! You see, Miss Brinley came bursting into this world early. I remember being out of town and chatting with her momma about her blood pressure and what mine was like during my crazy pregnancies. I prayed hard for her that weekend. I prayed for strength for her momma and daddy. But, most of all - I prayed for lil Miss Brinley that she would have those fighting genes that all preemie's need. Guess what? God answered my (and I'm sure many others) prayers. 

Here she is. Just over 7 pounds at 8 weeks old. She just got baptized today…in a dress made from her momma's wedding dress by her Nana. Isn't she perfect?!

She was a sleeping angel the entire time. I got great photos of her and lots of snuggles. 

She decided to wake up at the end. But just to talk to her daddy. She had lots of grunts for him. The look on his face here makes my heart flutter. Nothing like a daddy's little girl.

It was a pleasure to finally meet you lil Miss. Brinley. I've prayed and thought about you a lot in the last 11 months! You've got wonderful parents and I can't wait to see what kind of glitter your going to sparkle around this world. Shine on baby girl.

Please visit my page to see The Colbecks entire sneak peak!

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