Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Howe Family

Meet the Howe Family

I have known Kara Howe my entire life. We grew up right down the street from each other. I've only seen her husband, Jeremy, and son Emmett in pictures. I was very glad to have met them both for their first ever family pictures! How exciting is that? To be documenting a beautiful family's first picture?! Talk about pressure. However, Kara and Jeremy made it easy for me. They were very patient and stress free. Just they way I like parents. Here's a couple photos from their time in our studio.

All they have to do is buy him some bulbs and a box from the dollar store and he's set this Christmas.

See that little leg crossing action? Mama says he even does it in the bath tub. Hilarious!

Super cute family, don't you think? 

From a photographer stand point, in now way is it okay to shoot and pray. When taking posed portraits you should really only need to take a couple shots of the same pose. Those couple of shots include one for lighting check and the actual portrait. If someone blinks or isn't smiling then another one is in order. However, here's the thing about kids (some adults even) they don't stay still. They make the cutest faces at the craziest moments and sometimes even the tantrums are cute to parents. When I'm shooting kids - I easy shoot over 100 photos in 30-40 minutes. Here's the reason why…

In that top picture (where he's wearing the Santa hat) he wasn't even looking at me. He was looking at his daddy over my shoulder. Parents, please know that when I'm taking photos of your kids there is NO personal space boundary between you and I. As long as I'm able to capture pictures of your children like these, you can sit on my back for all I care.
I really enjoyed capturing photos of this handsome blue eyed boy and his parents. I hope to see them when Emmett turns 2! If you'd like to see more from their time in the studio please visit their gallery.

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