Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Leonard, Asya & Daniel

Leonard, Asya & Daniel

I got to spend some time this afternoon with this new family of 3. 

 Mama looks fantastic for just having a baby 3 months ago. I would love to know their secret for looking so rested! You'd think that they didn't have a new baby in their house, they look that good. Daniel is the cutest little boy with lots of soft hair. I got one semi-smile out of him the entire hour that I got to visit with him! Little stinker. We are going to try again on Saturday to see if we can get some smiles on camera. 
Here is their sneak peak!
This is the semi-smile I got out of little Daniel!

I love this…he's like - What do you mean Santa is coming to town?!

Look at that new mama glow! I love it!

Daniel loves being held by mama

Mr. Sleepypants…Mama said he just started playing with his hair when he was tired the other day...

I LOVE this one!

See you guys on Saturday! I'm praying Mr. Sleepypants is awake and ready to roll! :)

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